The need for the NORL Registry is relevant in the Ministry of Health (MOH) as aevidence-based data was needed to plan policies and programs for Otorhinolaryngological, Audiological and speech rehabilitation services of the country. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ear and Hearing Disorder Survey Protocol; WHO/PBD/PDH/99.8(1), epidemiological data concerning Otorhinolaryngological disease in particular hearing impairment and deafness is sparse and fragmentary world-wide and is especially so in developing countries.


An estimated figure of moderate-profound hearing loss is 42 million persons over the age of three years. Sensorineural hearing loss has been reported as the predominant reported type of deafness. In Malaysia National and Hearing Disorder Survey was done in 2005 to look into the magnitude of Hearing Impairment and Ear diseases. In this survey, the prevalence of hearing impairment in the general population was 17.14% with an estimated population of 3,962,879.


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