To determine the incidence and prevalence of RA in Malaysia.
To determine the demographic data e.g. sex ratio, ethnic group distribution, and age of onset.
To determine the disease expression in terms of clinical manifestations, both articular and extra-articular manifestations.
To study the management of these patients e.g. to determine the type of disease modifying drugs (DMARDs) are used and when they are used during the course of the disease, to determine how many patients are on biologics and to know the proportion of patients who are not treated with DMARDs but on symptomatic treatment only.
To determine the outcome of RA patients in the general population, the followings will be studied:
(a) Disease activity level in relation to year of treatment
  • Rate of remission of RA in Malaysia
  • Extent of disability caused by RA e.g. number of deformed/damaged joint, functional assessment by HAQ score
  • Economic impact of RA on the individual patients, family and health care system.
  • Rate of mortality of RA in Malaysia